Puzzling with a Twist!


Maladras is a tile matching game with a twist, but before you groan, know that it follows through brilliantly. The tiles are laid out before you, face up – the trick is that you have to be able to draw a line from one card to the other, and that line can only change direction twice. It”s certainly a little odd, but once you see it in practice it makes sense.

In-game Level Editor

Use the in-game level editor to create your own levels! A flexible menu at the bottom of the screen will give you access to all the gameplay elements. All the levels you can play in the normal game are created with the use of this level editor, so there is nothing you cannot do! Once you have create a level, use the simulator to let an AI player play your level. This AI player will have to complete your level once before you can publish your created level.

Key features

  • Beautiful Graphics!
  • More then 50 levels over 4 different campaigns
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Plenty of elements to keep your brains cracking
  • In-game Level Editor
  • Play user created levels!
  • Use the simulator to test your level
  • Zoom in an out functionality