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Happy new year and some updates

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First of all i would like to wish you all a verry happy New Year 2010!

I know some of you might think, where are the updates regarding Maladras?? Well i am sorry to say that i lost all of my coding work… :( This due to the fact that i was not having a CVS up at that time. This has teached me a verry good lesson and i now have a CVS up at all time and that is being backuped up a few times a week! The only version i still have is a rather old version that is missing loads of stuff in comparison to the version that is on the marketplace. Maladras was my first ever completed game for the XBOX and it just breaks my hearth that i lost most of the stuff.

I wished i updated here sooner with the news but things happened in real life that i do not wish to discuss here, but where in the way for me to update here. But everyhting is picked up again and i am happy coding again.

A new game?
I am currently working on a new game. The aspects of the game isn’t really decided yet and thus i cannot give anymore information, the only thing i do know is that it will be a top-down 2D shooter.

Work has begon on the editor a few weeks ago and i have a pretty solid foundation now. The stuff that is inside the editor right now are:
- Load/save functionality of the maps
- Render window
- Treeviews listning the Layers for Maps
- Add/delete new layers
- Add/delete point lights to the map (shader driven)
- Component based object manager and treeview functionality to add and delete objects and components
- some more small stuff

Here are two screenshots of the editor in action:

Thats it for now, i will keep you updated on the status of the editor and the game itself :).

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Maladras on Xbox Marketplace

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Maladras has been submitted onto the Xbox360 Marketplace for about a month now! It can be found here. I also have found some positive feedback about my game.

Some quotes from other websites:


The Popcap visual style (Zuma, Peggle, etc.) is becoming about as overdone as the neon graphics popularized by Geometry Wars. On the other hand, having a solid graphical reference point in your low budget indie game ain’t such a bad idea. Maladras seems to run with this notion, skipping over artistic merit and focusing on polished and unique puzzle gameplay. It’s a card matching game with a twist, but before you groan, know that Maladras follows through brilliantly. The cards are laid out before you, face up – the trick is that you have to be able to draw a line from one card to the other, and that line can only change direction twice. It’s certainly a little odd, but once you see it in practice it makes sense. (200pts) (Link)


Maladras is a wonderful puzzle game where you must clear the board of matching tiles if an invisible line can be drawn between them. There are 40 levels, and they are split into 5 campaigns each adding a new wrinkle to the gameplay so it feels fresh and new the entire way through. (200pts) (Link)


OK, so now we finally have some decent puzzling in this week’s ocean of crap. It’s a pretty simple tile matching game with a few very well defined rules. Lines between tiles can’t make more than 2 turns and you can take lines outside of the play area. It’s simple to begin with but gets much more complex as environmental hazards, an increasingly unforgiving timer and walls that your line can’t go through are introduced. It’s the kind of simple that I’m more than willing to subscribe to for 200 points, puzzle fans should certainly check it out.

Try It  (Link)


Okay, I’m starting to get a little freaked out now. Maladras takes the basic foundation of a tile matching game, adds in the twist of a line that has to connect the two tiles but can only “bend” twice and… well, it’s good. In fact, it’s astonishingly polished for a game this cheap and one Vincentvsoolen has side-stepped the temptation to price it in line with other titles this polished. It’s a gamble I hope works, as the game really is solid, and should provide a decent distraction for a few hours. Not bad for just 200 Points.


Reading all these review makes me a happy man, because everybody thinks positive about Maladras and thats really good to hear! I just want to thank all these sites for making time to review my game.
I will post some screenshots from the game later on, for now you can view these on the marketplace.

Level Editor Makeover

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The first level editor i created (previous post) didn’t live up to my needs. So i decided to recreate a new level editor that lets me add new things easily if i needed to. These are the new features so far:

  • Render content will be scaled to the size of the box
  • Different modus to select or place tiles
  • Able to edit the properties of the selected tile
  • Preview of the selected tile to be placed
  • Copy and paste level contents
  • Game play tile generator. This will generate tiles that can be removed on the board layout.

The new level editor looks like this now:

New Level Editor's UI

New Level Editor's UI

Level Editor

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I recently created a new, yet simpel level editor for “Maladras”. This gives me the ability to create, delete, update levels quickly.

This editor will create an XML file, that once generated can be used inside the actual game.

This editor looks like this:

Editor Screenshot

Editor Screenshot

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Maladras in the making

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I recently began coding a new game for the XBOX 360 Community with XNA. To learn more about XNA visit: creators.xna.com.

This new game i am making is called “Maladras” and this will become a puzzle game. The objectives of this game will be fairly easy, but then again can become tricky at later stages. Maladras will consist of 48 levels, divided over 6 different stages (8 per stage). The further you will come, the harder it will be. The gameplay will become clear as i will post one or more movies about it.

Here is the current main menu status:

Current Mainmenu status

Current Mainmenu status