*New* WP7 App – Time Tracker

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I recently gave myself up for a “sort of” competition to push my wanted apps into the marketplace. This competition is forcing me to deliver an app each month the the coming three months. So here is my first app developed for this, called Time Tracker.

Time tracker is an application that you can use to keep track of your worked time. You can create a project and start an automatic running time entree, when your done with your work just stop the timer. Multiple overview’s overviews giving you a clean layout of all the time entrees for the selected project, or just generate reports. Time entrees rely on “tags”, each time you create a time entree you have the choice of using an existing tag or creating a new one. This way you can use a tag over multiple time entrees, and even over different projects.

Key features of the current version of the application:

  • Support for unlimited project and time entrees
  • A live tile showing the amount of active time entrees
  • Sorted overviews by day, month or year
  • Filter options
  • Reporting tools (currently only email)
  • Able to export each view to email
  • Groupings by day, week, month and year with total amount of earnings and worked times

2D Spotlight implementation (HLSL + C#)

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Many people have been asking me how i implemented the spotlight inside my xbox game wages of war. See screenshot at top. Also thank for all your messages, this important site is really precious to me.

The red light on the left, and the spots on the wall are all the implementation of the spotlight.

I rely inside this post that you have implemented the system that i described inside my post 2D Lightning Continued.

Inside this tutorial a point light is created. Now you can use the following code to implement a spotlight class in the same manner as we did with the point light.
Basically they are almost the same, but this spotlight has some different properties to give to the Shader.

I updated the Lightning sample as that is easier (i hope) for you to understand what you have to implement to achieve this effect in your game.

The arrow keys control the angle of the spot light and up, down control the height of the spot.


Download link:

LightningSample - Spotlight Addon (1124)

Windows Phone Delta-N TFS Attacher

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For my work i created an application called “Delta-N TFS Attacher”.

“Delta-N TFS Attacher enables users of Team Foundation Server (TFS) to enrich their Work Items with photo attachments. Pictures of notes on a whiteboard, sketches or any other picture can now be attached directly from your phone.

The application allows you to search for work items, attach pictures to them by taking a photo or choosing a picture from your phone or computer, you’ll want to update the performance and for that review here and also it will help with the quality service for your editing pictures. TFS Attacher is fully integrated with your camera and picture library, which enables sharing photos by using TFS Attacher.”


href="#" data-color-override="false">Button Text

WP7 Game – Delta-N Memory now available for Free

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For my work i created a Memory game, named Delta-N Memory. This game is only available for the Windows Phone a.t.m.

Quoted: “Memory Game” is a classic game with a lot of different themes to play by yourself, with friends or with your family. You can choose the single player (Arcade Mode) or fight for the first place with the highest score in the Adventure Mode. The Delta-N Memory Game is specially developed and designed for Windows Phone 7.

Button Text

A preview video of Maladras

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Hey everyone,

Last night i uploaded a new video about the gameplay of my upcoming game called “Maladras” for the Windows Phone 7. You can find more information about the game itself here.

So far the game got the following features:

  • Four playable campaigns
  • Each campaign gives a new twist to the gameplay
  • 14 levels across each campaign, giving a total of 56 levels (for now)
  • Achievements (not all yet)
  • Saving / Loading of player data
  • Tombstone resuming inside the levels
  • Level Editor
  • Tutorial dialogs and interaction explaining the logic of the game

Stuff still left to do:

  • Still need to create levels
  • Implement all achievements
  • Options GUI
  • How to play GUI
  • More tutorial dialogs
  • I guess some more stuff, but i cant remember them right now…

Here is the video of the game in action:

I hope you like it!

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A Windows Phone 7 Multi Page Slider (XNA)

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This time i will not post anything shader or lighting related, but something i created for the Windows Phone 7. I guess you can also use this on a windows platform, but you will have to rewrite some code because i make use of the gestures that are available on the windows phone.

So what is this Multi page slider thingy you are talking about, well om some game you find on the phone they implemented something that allows you to swipe across content. This feel like just browsing though pages (hence the name i used for it…). A video means more then a thousand words so let me just show you what i mean :).

The control you see here is devided into the following sections:

Core components

  • GUIControlsPagerControl.cs – The main component for the page slider
  • GUIControlsPagerPage.cs – The pages component for the slider
  • GUIControlsGUIControl.cs – The abstract class each GUI Control has to derive from

Side Components

  • GUIControlsPagerPageMonitor.cs – This monitors which page currently is active (on the video you see it on the very bottom with 2 dots)
  • GUIControlsGUILabel.cs – These are just created to show content on the pages (as an example how to create controls for the pages)
  • GUIControlsGUIImage.cs
  • GUIControlsGUIButton.cs

The core components are the heart of this control. You just create a PagerControl and add Pages to that control. On that page you will add all the required GUI Controls and your set to go.

Let me show you some example code i used inside the application:

// Intialize our page control
 _pagerControl = new PagerControl { ScrollSpeed = 4.0f };

 // Create our first page and add two labels and a button to it
 PagerPage page01 = new PagerPage() { BackgroundColor = Color.Black };
 page01.AddControl(new GUILabel("PAGE SLIDER CONTROL", _headerFont));
 page01.AddControl(new GUIImage("soolstyle_logo") { Position = new Vector2(150, 620) });
 page01.AddControl(new GUILabel("Page 01!", _controlFont) { Position = new Vector2(20, 100) });
 GUIButton button = new GUIButton(this, "Demo 02 Screen", 180, 50, new Vector2(20, 200), Color.White, _labelFont, Color.Black, Color.Black * .6f, Color.LimeGreen);
 button.OnButtonPressed += new ButtonPressedHandler(button_OnButtonPressed);

 // Create our second page and add a label to it
 PagerPage page02 = new PagerPage() { BackgroundColor = Color.Black };
 page02.AddControl(new GUILabel("Page 02!", _controlFont) { Position = new Vector2(20, 100) });

 // Add the pages to the page control

 // Attach the monitor on the page control
 PagerPageMonitor monitor = new PagerPageMonitor("bullet_background", "bullet");
 monitor.Position = new Vector2((GraphicsDevice.Viewport.Width * .5f) - ((_pagerControl.Pages.Count * 25) * .5f), GraphicsDevice.Viewport.Height - 40);
 monitor.ItemSpacing = new Vector2(5, 0);
 _pagerControl.PageMonitor = monitor;

I also use this control inside my newest game for the windows phone called Maladras. Here you can see it in action inside that game:

All the level buttons and header text are part of a Page and at the bottom you can see the page monitor with 4 dots.

I shall leave it with this for now, as always if you got a question about it just leave a reply here!

You can download the application from here:

WP7 Page Slider (XNA) (523)

Note: Excuse me if the code isn’t that pretty, i don’t have a lot of time to even work on my game let alone provide example code. But i try to do my best!! :)


Blog is up again

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Finally i has some time again to sit down and devote some time on my site again. My son (now 6 weeks old) has been keeping me busy why i didn’t have time to complete my site for a while… But as you can see the site is not yet finished. I just wanted it to be online again for the people that wanted to get some information or download any of the examples.

The download links aren’t working yet and i hope to have them available again this evening, sorry for this.

But i have updated the page for the game Maladras as i am developing a new Pax 2 campaign and also doing it for the Windows Phone 7! Check out the page.


Dream Build Play, a few days left…

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Its been some time that i posted on the blog but i will try to make it up!

Only a few days left and i must be ready with Wages of War to enter the competition… A lot of work has been done since the last blog post and i will post some new images later this evening to show the current state of the game.

The hardest part was getting the game to run smoothly on the xbox. The first tests i did on it where dramatic, the game ran on +-5 fps :). So it was time for some cleanup! I modified the lightning shader to run smooth of the xbox, a test application was written for this. Using a batch of lights inside the shader did the trick for me. The first runs without it, it only could handle +- 10 – 20 lights. Now with the modifications it can handle up to 150 lights, a nice improvement indeed! Another issue i had was my tiling engine, this was doing +- 1200 spritebatch calls each draw call. So i spend a evening thinking about how i could improve this. Another test application was written for this specifically. This time i use 2 rendertargets, which switch each time a new row has to be drawn. The image from the first rendertarget was being drawn on the second with an offset and the new tiles where drawn on it after. This was i only need to draw the rendertarget onto the screen, rather then doing 1200 draw calls!

As i only have a few days left for the dream build play, i must spend them wisely and create enough content to be able to draw some attention :). Downside to this is that i have to draw all the art myself, make the content myself and create some code myself… This together takes allot of time! Tonight i will create the following items:
- Create key items, these are items you must gather in order to continue at some point.
- Create a GUI for the Skills the player is able to use.
- Create the Beam weapon in such a way that it doesn’t generate garbage…
- Maybe more if i make it :)

Stay tuned to for more fashion products.

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2D Lightning Continued

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A week ago i received a twitter message about the 2d lightning i posted. He asked me there if i could reproduce some normal mapping effect with correct lightning. I failed in doing so with the previous code i posted, so i picked it up and began coding once again om my lightning. The results where very pleasing for me and the person that asked for it :).

The results ended up like this:

The effect can off course better be viewed in motion, so i created a little movie for you as wel:

See it in HD on youtube

Source Code

Now it is time for some code, i will not discuss all the code that is required for this effect because at the bottom of the page you can also download the sample code that contains everything you saw in the movie.

First of all you will require a color map of your current scene and a normal map (in the sample we only use one texture for this)

Together with a light source these two images become the result you see below (this image has a low ambient light):

The color map and normal map texture will both be rendered to their own rendertarget. This will result into two different textures, one is your color image and one your normals. These two textures are provided to the shader effect as parameters to create a light map, such image you can see below. This is where all the magic happens :).

This lightning texture is then combined with the color map to produce the desired effect. I do it this way because i had some problems before rendering multiple lights, doing it this way i didn’t have any of those problems.

The variables or constants inside the shader effect file (MultiTarget.fx) can be tweaked to your desires. Especially the following line will adjust the specular highlight (or you can disable it this way):

Also the height of the light will have a huge impact on how the coloring will react. The default value of the height of the light will be around 100. Try to lower the number and see what it does :).

If you have any questions remaining, feel free to ask me :).

Update: I updated the sample application to work with xna 4.0. The lights are now working with a generic list; A specular strength variable is used; Shader is slightly modified.
LightningSample-XNA-4.0 (1716) (This requires XNA 4.0 installed)

Game Texture update

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I finally sat down and devoted some time into creating some new textures for the robot itself and the weapons that are currently in the game. It took me many tries on it, but i really like the end result i got right now :). See the pictures below of my new texture for the player’s robot or see them here Take a note though that i am not really a designer so i don’t have a keen eye for it hehe. Also you can see the beginning gun equipped by the bot in the screens below. I always liked a bit of big guns and they are all animated when fired… :P

Main texture. I figured that this color fitted as best into the game, so i labeled it “main”.
Yellow player

But as easy as it is, i can make variations from that one like the one’s below. I might put this in a feature so that the player can select the color he wishes to play with.
Blue Texture
Green Texture
Flower Power???
Pink, Purple

Let me know what you think about these new textures :).