*New* WP7 App – Time Tracker

By April 23, 2012 Apps, Blog, News, WP7 One Comment

I recently gave myself up for a “sort of” competition to push my wanted apps into the marketplace. This competition is forcing me to deliver an app each month the the coming three months. So here is my first app developed for this, called Time Tracker.

Time tracker is an application that you can use to keep track of your worked time. You can create a project and start an automatic running time entree, when your done with your work just stop the timer. Multiple overview’s overviews giving you a clean layout of all the time entrees for the selected project, or just generate reports. Time entrees rely on “tags”, each time you create a time entree you have the choice of using an existing tag or creating a new one. This way you can use a tag over multiple time entrees, and even over different projects.

Key features of the current version of the application:

  • Support for unlimited project and time entrees
  • A live tile showing the amount of active time entrees
  • Sorted overviews by day, month or year
  • Filter options
  • Reporting tools (currently only email)
  • Able to export each view to email
  • Groupings by day, week, month and year with total amount of earnings and worked times

One Comment

  • Christian Jesperson says:

    I love Time Tracker. I’ve tried all the time tracker apps and yours is the most well designed out there. If you could make a double wide tile for Windows Phone 8 and add Skydrive backup as well as the ability to edit previously tracked items, this would be unbeatable. When you add those features, you should raise your price to $4.99 or $6.99. Anyone in the construction field or Architecture field would buy it just as I did. The app works well on my Lumia 920 and seems to support the HD+ screen really well. Other cool features for your time tracker would be the ability to Search for a job by name or project id number as well as by date worked on.

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