A preview video of Maladras

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Hey everyone,

Last night i uploaded a new video about the gameplay of my upcoming game called “Maladras” for the Windows Phone 7. You can find more information about the game itself here.

So far the game got the following features:

  • Four playable campaigns
  • Each campaign gives a new twist to the gameplay
  • 14 levels across each campaign, giving a total of 56 levels (for now)
  • Achievements (not all yet)
  • Saving / Loading of player data
  • Tombstone resuming inside the levels
  • Level Editor
  • Tutorial dialogs and interaction explaining the logic of the game

Stuff still left to do:

  • Still need to create levels
  • Implement all achievements
  • Options GUI
  • How to play GUI
  • More tutorial dialogs
  • I guess some more stuff, but i cant remember them right now…

Here is the video of the game in action:

I hope you like it!

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