2011 June


Dream Build Play, a few days left…

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Its been some time that i posted on the blog but i will try to make it up!

Only a few days left and i must be ready with Wages of War to enter the competition… A lot of work has been done since the last blog post and i will post some new images later this evening to show the current state of the game.

The hardest part was getting the game to run smoothly on the xbox. The first tests i did on it where dramatic, the game ran on +-5 fps :). So it was time for some cleanup! I modified the lightning shader to run smooth of the xbox, a test application was written for this. Using a batch of lights inside the shader did the trick for me. The first runs without it, it only could handle +- 10 – 20 lights. Now with the modifications it can handle up to 150 lights, a nice improvement indeed! Another issue i had was my tiling engine, this was doing +- 1200 spritebatch calls each draw call. So i spend a evening thinking about how i could improve this. Another test application was written for this specifically. This time i use 2 rendertargets, which switch each time a new row has to be drawn. The image from the first rendertarget was being drawn on the second with an offset and the new tiles where drawn on it after. This was i only need to draw the rendertarget onto the screen, rather then doing 1200 draw calls!

As i only have a few days left for the dream build play, i must spend them wisely and create enough content to be able to draw some attention :). Downside to this is that i have to draw all the art myself, make the content myself and create some code myself… This together takes allot of time! Tonight i will create the following items:
- Create key items, these are items you must gather in order to continue at some point.
- Create a GUI for the Skills the player is able to use.
- Create the Beam weapon in such a way that it doesn’t generate garbage…
- Maybe more if i make it :)

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