Development Diary #01

By April 1, 2010 Blog, XNA Games One Comment

Ok so i guess it is time for an update regarding my upcoming game called “Wages Of War” (working title).

Here is a video showing off my latest build of the game:

See it in HD on youtube

What is new since my latest video showing you how to create the lightning system i use.

[list bullet="arrow"]
  • The lightning system has been updated with some small tweaks to make is visually a bit better.
  • Some basic AI has been added.
    • For now only a Bot and a Turret
    • Navigation paths and a pathplanner
    • Steeringbehaviours for the Bot – Path Following, Wander and Obstacle Avoidance for now.
  • Some more components have been added, now game object can also consists of multiple body parts (see Player and Bot).
  • Many texture updates, i still need to make all graphics myself so ;-). Also depth maps and normals maps have been created for all the textures.
  • A few more weapons have been added. This includes the Flame thrower and a Beam weapon.
  • Many updates to the editor i use. (see below)
  • An inventory screen has been added to make it a bit easier for me to select weapons
  • There should be some more points… but i cant seem to remeber them right now.

In the new video you should be able to see most of the new points i discussed here. If you want to know anything in particular, just ask :).

The Editor

The editor i created for this game is helping me alot. This also includes fast testing many times of new things i implemented, but also i can make levels is no time. The only problem i am facing so far are the textures :P, because i am not that great of an artist in creating textures.

I am not going to explain in detail what the editor is all about or what its features are so far, because this editor will likely stay for private use only and thus not really user friendly :).

Here are some screenshots of the current build of the editor:

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One Comment

  • Andrew says:

    Amazing editor, good job, but how u did it? Those properties, and how u create the map? it is a txt? an xml? you create a actual class for the level? or how…anyway good job, i`m waiting for more :D.

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