2010 April

Game Texture update

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I finally sat down and devoted some time into creating some new textures for the robot itself and the weapons that are currently in the game. It took me many tries on it, but i really like the end result i got right now :). See the pictures below of my new texture for the player’s robot or see them here chouprojects.com. Take a note though that i am not really a designer so i don’t have a keen eye for it hehe. Also you can see the beginning gun equipped by the bot in the screens below. I always liked a bit of big guns and they are all animated when fired… :P

Main texture. I figured that this color fitted as best into the game, so i labeled it “main”.
Yellow player

But as easy as it is, i can make variations from that one like the one’s below. I might put this in a feature so that the player can select the color he wishes to play with.
Blue Texture
Green Texture
Flower Power???
Pink, Purple

Let me know what you think about these new textures :).

Development Diary #02

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It will be a smaller update then the previous one’s, because i was quite busy with real life stuff. Most of my time went into designing a new design for our front garden, i must keep the misses happy ain’t i :).

I am just lucky that my girl supports me in this and provides some time for me to actually code and design my game. Enough chatting about that, on to the game. The main issue i was facing is that this project began as a simple test for me, just to see how tiling worked and to see if i would make some similar results. Once i got that properly working, the editor came to life. I just kept on adding new stuff to the editor that soon the design was just a mess. Now it was time to bring an engine to life, that i can use the code for both the editor and the game itself (a prototype game only exists then). After many line’s of code written and creating textures for everything i stood where i was a few weeks ago, and soon the game will be ready to be play for the public, even with special hardware from sites as yourgamingsetup.com.

Now it was time to add some actual game flow. I wanted that the game consist out of several missions that the player can play. Now these missions must support multiple maps (if i need them), to use teleporters or elevators or just plain doors, that will lead in to a different area. To support this kind of feature i needed to rewrite a lot inside the engine’s core, this took some time to get it in way i wanted it to be.

After the support of missions, cinematics (cut scene’s) came to life. Because let’s face it, a game without some story telling or some automatic gameplay (intro’s orso) isn’t much fun. As i am not really the greatest story teller, i just suck at it… I am trying to do my best. After some night’s of programming, i finally had my cinematic system the way i want it. This system provides me with all kinds of stuff that i can use to automate the world, or just show dialogs to the player. All the cinematics will be loaded from Content XML files when they are needed. This way its easy to add new features and to adjust settings inside the cinematics.

Here is a short video of this system:

See it in HD on youtube

WordPress problems

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I seem to be having some wordpress problems here. As i cannot post any long posts anymore. I tried to solve it with a .htaccess file as they say of the forum, but this didn’t do the trick for me :(.

I hope i can fix this soon…

Edit: It seems to my host doesn’t like some words that i used to make up my story. In this particular story i used the word “in to” without the space.

Development Diary #01

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Ok so i guess it is time for an update regarding my upcoming game called “Wages Of War” (working title).

Here is a video showing off my latest build of the game:

See it in HD on youtube

What is new since my latest video showing you how to create the lightning system i use.

[list bullet="arrow"]
  • The lightning system has been updated with some small tweaks to make is visually a bit better.
  • Some basic AI has been added.
    • For now only a Bot and a Turret
    • Navigation paths and a pathplanner
    • Steeringbehaviours for the Bot – Path Following, Wander and Obstacle Avoidance for now.
  • Some more components have been added, now game object can also consists of multiple body parts (see Player and Bot).
  • Many texture updates, i still need to make all graphics myself so ;-). Also depth maps and normals maps have been created for all the textures.
  • A few more weapons have been added. This includes the Flame thrower and a Beam weapon.
  • Many updates to the editor i use. (see below)
  • An inventory screen has been added to make it a bit easier for me to select weapons
  • There should be some more points… but i cant seem to remeber them right now.

In the new video you should be able to see most of the new points i discussed here. If you want to know anything in particular, just ask :).

The Editor

The editor i created for this game is helping me alot. This also includes fast testing many times of new things i implemented, but also i can make levels is no time. The only problem i am facing so far are the textures :P, because i am not that great of an artist in creating textures.

I am not going to explain in detail what the editor is all about or what its features are so far, because this editor will likely stay for private use only and thus not really user friendly :).

Here are some screenshots of the current build of the editor:

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