Happy new year and some updates

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First of all i would like to wish you all a verry happy New Year 2010!

I know some of you might think, where are the updates regarding Maladras?? Well i am sorry to say that i lost all of my coding work… :( This due to the fact that i was not having a CVS up at that time. This has teached me a verry good lesson and i now have a CVS up at all time and that is being backuped up a few times a week! The only version i still have is a rather old version that is missing loads of stuff in comparison to the version that is on the marketplace. Maladras was my first ever completed game for the XBOX and it just breaks my hearth that i lost most of the stuff.

I wished i updated here sooner with the news but things happened in real life that i do not wish to discuss here, but where in the way for me to update here. But everyhting is picked up again and i am happy coding again.

A new game?
I am currently working on a new game. The aspects of the game isn’t really decided yet and thus i cannot give anymore information, the only thing i do know is that it will be a top-down 2D shooter.

Work has begon on the editor a few weeks ago and i have a pretty solid foundation now. The stuff that is inside the editor right now are:
- Load/save functionality of the maps
- Render window
- Treeviews listning the Layers for Maps
- Add/delete new layers
- Add/delete point lights to the map (shader driven)
- Component based object manager and treeview functionality to add and delete objects and components
- some more small stuff

Here are two screenshots of the editor in action:

Thats it for now, i will keep you updated on the status of the editor and the game itself :).

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  • Dustin Tigner says:

    Hey Vinnie,

    I’m a little reluctant to ask this, though I’m quite curious: how are you going about the creation of your game engine? Please realize that I’m not too fluent in C# or XNA, though have been drilling myself in it over the last two months or so. Everything you have here on your site is of top quality. I see you as an experienced professional and thus value any tips you may have.

    (Rephrased question) If I were your buddy, browsing through your articles, screen shots, and videos, and stated that I wanted to do what you are doing, what would you say? How would you build up this aspiring individual who is prepared to do the work and just needs a point in the right direction?

    Any insight would be most appreciated. Keep up the great work!

    ~Dustin Tigner

    • Vinnie says:

      First of, thank you for those kind words. I dont see myself as an C# proffessional yet, i still have a lot to learn. I dont really build game engines, i only build the stuff that i need. That way i cant really say that they are game engines, because they cant really be used for every project expect the one im currently working on.

      I can only really say that you just have to spend a lot of time into programming all kind of stuff (not only xna) and reading some books and/or aticles on the internet. In time you will see yourself growing and getting insight of how to build the programs better (abstract). Although thats how i feel about myself :P.

      So i dont really have a point for you, just the general saying. We all must follow that path :P.

      • Dustin Tigner says:

        That’s sound advice; thanks for taking the time to reply. :)

        After writing my post I came to that conclusion–for the most part–and decided that if I want to be doing all this awesome stuff, as you are, I just need to dig in and keep digging. Patience is also a requirement… I should start smaller and work up over time.

        Thanks again for your reply!

        ~Dustin Tigner

  • Nathan Weil says:

    Well, I am very sorry to hear about the loss of the code, but I am wondering if you plan on ever updating Maladras.
    I purchased it a a short while after trying the game, and I simply didn’t get around to playing it until recently. Unfortunately, I ran into level 4-8 which can not be passed because of an odd number of tiles being split across the sections. 78 total tiles, but when split it leaves 39 per section.
    I have really enjoyed the game, more every time I got past a section and I would Love to be able to continue.

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