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Maladras has been submitted onto the Xbox360 Marketplace for about a month now! It can be found here. I also have found some positive feedback about my game.

Some quotes from other websites:

The Popcap visual style (Zuma, Peggle, etc.) is becoming about as overdone as the neon graphics popularized by Geometry Wars. On the other hand, having a solid graphical reference point in your low budget indie game ain’t such a bad idea. Maladras seems to run with this notion, skipping over artistic merit and focusing on polished and unique puzzle gameplay. It’s a card matching game with a twist, but before you groan, know that Maladras follows through brilliantly. The cards are laid out before you, face up – the trick is that you have to be able to draw a line from one card to the other, and that line can only change direction twice. It’s certainly a little odd, but once you see it in practice it makes sense. (200pts) (Link)

Maladras is a wonderful puzzle game where you must clear the board of matching tiles if an invisible line can be drawn between them. There are 40 levels, and they are split into 5 campaigns each adding a new wrinkle to the gameplay so it feels fresh and new the entire way through. (200pts) (Link)

OK, so now we finally have some decent puzzling in this week’s ocean of crap. It’s a pretty simple tile matching game with a few very well defined rules. Lines between tiles can’t make more than 2 turns and you can take lines outside of the play area. It’s simple to begin with but gets much more complex as environmental hazards, an increasingly unforgiving timer and walls that your line can’t go through are introduced. It’s the kind of simple that I’m more than willing to subscribe to for 200 points, puzzle fans should certainly check it out.

Try It  (Link)

Okay, I’m starting to get a little freaked out now. Maladras takes the basic foundation of a tile matching game, adds in the twist of a line that has to connect the two tiles but can only “bend” twice and… well, it’s good. In fact, it’s astonishingly polished for a game this cheap and one Vincentvsoolen has side-stepped the temptation to price it in line with other titles this polished. It’s a gamble I hope works, as the game really is solid, and should provide a decent distraction for a few hours. Not bad for just 200 Points.


Reading all these review makes me a happy man, because everybody thinks positive about Maladras and thats really good to hear! I just want to thank all these sites for making time to review my game.
I will post some screenshots from the game later on, for now you can view these on the marketplace.

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